ARMANI Hotels – Extending The Brand Experience

The world’s tallest building. 160 guest rooms. A new, stylish approach to hospitality. The ARMANI hotel in Dubai sets impressive standards. Situated in the Burj Khalifa building, the hotel offers its guests an atmosphere of understated elegance, the interior being designed by the mastermind himself, Giorgio Armani.

It has become a trend. More and more luxury designers open their own hotels  to offer their customers not only clothing, shoes and accessories, but also an overnight stay in the brand-typical environment. Bulgari is for instance building a hotel in London.

Jeremy Silverman, a hotel advisor from Berlin says: „In these hotels, the fashion companies can communicate in an entirely different way. Fashion brand hotels invite their customers to dive in their world.“

According to the Bulgari management, their hotels will always be in the most luxurious quarters of big cities. As for the hotel in London, Bulgari boss Trapani believes: „The project is a further statement of our brand in Great Britain“.

The guest rooms in the ARMANI hotel in Dubai are located on the first to the eighth floor and on the 38th to the 39th floor of the Burj Khalifa building. The interior design is dominated by grey, sand and pastel colours and reflects the typical ARMANI coolness.

Another ARMANI hotel has opened in Milan. Further hotels are planned for cities like New York, London and Shanghai.

So with fashion brand hotels, companies can extend their general brand appearance. Customers are offered a new way of integrating their preferred brand into their lifestyle. As brands like ARMANI become more tangible, the identification of the customers with their favourite brand is supposed to rise.

Or, as the head of the hotel consultation Treugast Solutions, Stephan Gerhard, puts it: „That’s the ideal showcase for every brand. Products can be touched and experienced live – without any obligation to buy and without any sales assistants.“




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